What’s the View Like?

Last week in the comments section someone mentioned that they were following this blog from Poland.  Poland! That seems really far away.

And it also got me wondering…where are all you folks checking in from?  So if you don’t mind, go down to the comments section of the blog and answer three questions:

1) your name and where you live

2) the view out your window (pick any window in your life right now)

3) your blog and what it’s about (or what you’d write a blog about if you did such a silly thing)

I’ll get things started by answering those questions myself.  And don’t leave me hanging, or I’ll start to feel very lonely and misunderstood.  And all you Google Reader folks get off your lazy readers, come to the site, and comment for once.

24 Replies to “What’s the View Like?”

  1. 1) my name is shawn and i live in paradise, pa

    2) through my window i see mostly trees, since the workshop/garage where i write is surrounded by a forest. there’s also a small strawberry patch along the stone drive running below my window, i see a lot of deer, too

    3) my blog started b/c of an experiment by my wife and i to stop watching television for a year – it’s mostly turned into a blog about identity with some book reviews and top 10 lists thrown in for good measure

  2. 1) My name is Kit and I live in Summerville, SC (near Charleston)

    2) Through my window, I see the battle ground known as my back yard where I have tirelessly fought my English mastiff for over a year to gain the sovereign right to grow grass. She is winning, and is currently half way to the earth’s core.

    3) I started my blog as a way to keep family living out of state up to date with the goings on of our crew. It has turned in to more of a way for me to process life as it comes, document some significant events and offer encouragement and humor to others.

  3. 1. My name is Renee and I live in Narvon, Pa

    2. Through my window the grass is green and the trees are full and beautiful. The sun is trying hard to shine through the cloud cover. It’s very quite.

    3. I do not have a blog….not because it is silly shawn….but because I am too lazy to take the time to do it. I’d rather just read everyone else’s blog! But, if I was to gain some motivation, I think I’d write a blog about life and the crazy paths that we seem drawn to travel on. There are no main roads here, all detours and bumpy gravel roads!

  4. 1. I’m Bryan Allain and I live in Intercourse, PA.

    2. The only window I can see from my cube at work is a skylight, so now I’m looking at an overcast sky. Feels about right since I’ve got a minor LOST hangover going today.

    3. I’m at BryanAllain.com, where i try my hardest to make people laugh.

  5. 1. My name is Amy and I live in Feeding Hills, MA.

    2. Through my window I see my garden that has two things growing in it right now: strawberries (yay!) and milkweed (boo!). By the end of the week, I hope to add tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and musk melon. We’ll see…

    3. I started my blog after going to a Beth Moore simulcast & being struck by the idea of 300,000 women all worshipping their Creator in unison. I wanted it to be an online community of women, but then some men showed up and now it’s just fun. I write short devotions/thoughts most of the week. On Wednesdays, though, I give my readers a Mental Health Break and do some pretty random stuff. : ) http://daughtersheart.wordpress.com

  6. 1. i am called brett harrison, and i live in geita, tanzania, east africa.

    2. the view out my living room window is of equatorial africa at the end of rainy season. we live close to lake victoria (close as in 15-20 km), so everything is green. lots of banana trees with some hills (we call them mountains) in the distance.

    3. my blog is mostly about christianity and missions, but it wanders alongside my mind. so i write about how to study the bible, slaughtering pigs for sausage, life in africa, having a new baby girl, canadian commercials, and beggars who smoke pot.

  7. 1. I’m Jason Vana and I live in Monmouth, IL

    2. Since I’m at work right now, the only thing I can see out of our entrance doors/windows is a grassy hill.

    3. My blog is mostly about my wrestlings with God, life and faith and the insight I get about Him through that…and also updates on the college ministry I lead and my missions into Europe (mostly the Czech Republic).

  8. 1) my name is Deana, Lititz, PA

    2) outside my windows I see the wonderful new neighborhood that we just moved to, representing a new chapter in our lives.

    2) I currently have 4 blogs, one is my Life & Art blog, one I keep for recipes (I tend to lose them, plus it’s nice to share), one is just my artwork (some people probably could care less about my life) and the other I just started to document my life living with Chronic Pain. Blogging is pretty much a way of life for me!!

  9. 1. I’m Kelsey Hill from Midland, MI

    2. The view from my window is the courtyard between apartment buildings, which is looking more and more inviting as the weather gets nicer.

    3. My blog started out as a way to collect my thoughts, transitioned to a method of keeping my family and friends informed about my adventures in Guinea, and since has settled into a menagerie of thoughts, stories, recent happenings, and a general idea of what goes on in the life of a Kelsey.

  10. 1.Hi I’m claire from Aylesbury, England
    2. The view from my window is beautiful blue sky and our ancient apple tree
    3. I don’t blog – if I did I wouldn’t have time to read other peoples!

  11. 1. Shawna Lewis from Tulsa, OK

    2. It seems my life is about loving people by documentation. That is, noticing. And, remembering. And sharing.

    3. Make sense of that gibberish at shawnamlewis.blogspot.com.

  12. 1. My name is Kim and I live in Ephrata, PA.

    2. The view out my window (well it’s actually a sliding glass door) is huge pine trees and my neighbors’ balconies/back yards.

    3. I don’t currently have a blog but I am considering starting one. I think it would just be the typical funny/crazy/weird things that happen to me in my daily life.

  13. 1. My name is Michelle, and I live in Lancaster PA

    2. The view out of my physical window is a bit rainy and dreary. The view out the window of my life is full of anticipation, excitement and adventures waiting to be had.

    3. I blog at italianlane.com. Mainly because sometimes I get in the mood to write and tell stories. Other times because I want to share what’s on my heart and the ‘anonymity’ of online seems to help. Oh. And sometimes I just like to talk. :) And if you’re interested in reading, stop on by!

  14. My Name is Daniel Barnard, I live in Gettysburg, PA.

    Out my window I see a Fire House, Baseball & Basketball Park, and all the grass that goes with that. :)

    My journey with Jesus since June 18th 2009. I blog about things the Lord has put on my heart. And things the Lord is doin’ in my life and the lives around me. Check it out!!

  15. My name is Meghan, I just recently moved to Ronks, PA

    Out my window it is dark because it is bedtime..The only time I get everything I need to get done with out the help of my 4 sons..

    I do have a blog, but with that said I am not very good at keeping it “fresh”..It has been along time since I have blogged..Hope to pick it up again soon. Mostly it is meant to be the things I think.. Which could really be anything…hence the four sons I have mentioned earlier…

  16. 1. My name is Matt Gingerich and I live in Minsk Mazowiecki, Poland, not far from the capital of Warsaw.

    2. I’m typing this at the school where I teach English, so the view out my window consists of assorted small city buildings, clouds, and trees.

    3. I started my blog to chronicle the adventures of my life in Poland, but I must confess I’m a lazy blogger and I don’t post very often.

  17. 1. My name is Genny and I live in Sterling, Va not far from Washington, DC. (I go to Crosscurrent)

    2. Right now out my windows the sun is finally shining and trees are overtaking my backyard.

    3. I shamelessly don’t blog, but love reading others. I’ve thought a few times of writing one, but not sure what to write about. Possibly my frog collection… there are over 1000 so I could do a piece a day, but who would want to read that.

  18. 1~My name is Cassie and I live in Peach Bottom PA, two miles from Maryland.

    2~Out my back window is a gradually rising field. The fence line runs straight down the center of of it, so we get cows on one side and corn on the other. The grass is tall now and waves when there is a breeze or wind. Makes the nicest sound. On the side of the field is a line of trees, in the summer I sit out there at night and watch the fireflies fly up, up, up and blink against the blackness of them.

    3~I do blog on occasion but not on a blog site. It is normally done in a note format on facebook.

    1. Cassie,

      Can I come sit in your backyard… sounds like my childhood home, and I miss that.

  19. 1. My name is Melissa, I live in Lancaster Pa.

    2. I cannot see anything out my window right now because there is a fan in it. If I could see something, it would be leaves. From a tree.

    3. I do not really blog unless you count the xanga entry from 12 months ago or the occasional Facebook note. I would love to start a great blog like the ones I read! But, well, right now I have three very small boys, many other responsibilities and it is just not happening at this point in my life. Maybe someday!

  20. My name is Janelle.

    I’m sitting outside right now, in the cool darkness with this laptop shining up on my face. But, when I look IN my window I see my vintage farmhouse my kitchen table. It’s nice from this view.

    I blog about enjoying the little things in life, mothering my 3 kiddos under 4, writing, living a thrifty life, and keepin’ it real!

  21. 1) My name is Jim Ogle and I am near La Sal Junction, Utah

    2) Through my window, I see the Abajo Mountains directly to the south and Canyonlands National Park slightly west. I am thrilled every morning to watch the sun light up the canyons.

    3) I blog occasionally when an experience is just too sweet to let it fade into memory.

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