Tuesday’s Top Ten – Snack Foods

I love Tuesdays: a day for us to put down our differences and agree that my opinions are always right.

Today I’ve assembled the Top 10 snack foods of all time. As usual, I’m sure you’ll bow to my list as the premier compilation of (in this case) snack food.  Just as everyone agreed with my Top Ten  ice cream list and Top Ten candy list.

Sort of.

Well, here we go – the top 10 snack foods of all time:

10) Chocolate Weetabix – it’s a UK thing, and it’s so good it kind of defies convention – is it a cereal?  Is it a candy?  Is it snack food?  It’s all three, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

9) Sun Chips – the flavor that radiates from these chips is where they got the name.  Genius.  And now they come in a compostable bag.  Since I recently started a compost pile, this is very handy (I’m not being sarcastic; I really did start a compost pile).

8) Smart Food White Cheddar Popcorn – the only drawback to these is that when you are finished eating there is a slight film of cheddar covering your fingers.  But any snack worth its weight in calories will have you licking your fingers when you’re finished, so this is not a big deal.

7) Andy Cap’s White Cheddar Steak Fries – I discovered these while living in Virginia.  They’re like french fries, but crispy, and they come in larger portions than what you would typically get at a fast food restaurant (not that I eat at those places . . . ever . . . not even once in a . . . well, maybe occasionally).

6) Pretzel Rods – the classic snack.  When I was a kid this was as close as I could get to even pretending I was smoking a cigar.

5) Wheat Thins and Easy Cheese – what could be better than small, thin squares of who knows what?  How about taking those small squares and covering them in the most completely processed cheese of all time, the kind of cheese that comes out of a metal tube and spits at you when there’s none left?  I know, sounds gross, but for some reason I love it.

4) Pita Chips with Spicy Hummous – probably the healthiest option on this list.  I should have put it at number one, if I cared about what people thought of my diet.  And because it’s healthy, I’ve probably also misspelled it.

3) Combos – I love pretzels, and I love cheese, and this snack does the combining for me.

2) Corn Nuts – this should be on everyone’s top 10 list.  Corn nuts are crunchy, taste like popcorn, and are made of nothing but corn, vegetable oil and salt.  Artistically simple.

1) Chocolate Covered Pretzels – I could eat these 24 hours a day.  Yes, I sleep a portion of that, but if you put a box of these beside my bed I will eat them in my sleep.

So, what do you think?  I know I shouldn’t even have to ask this question, but what have I missed?

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  1. Okay Shawn…I honestly opened your post today with the intent of being as agreeable and supportive as possible (unlike on some of the previous TTTs)…but you make it so hard! So here’s MY list:

    10. Pringles – Love ’em, any flavor and they are the only chips you can put in your backpack without reducing them to crumbs.

    9. Bugles – I don’t eat these very often, but every time I do I think, “Why don’t I eat these more often?”

    8. Rolled Gold Tiny Twists Pretzels – Great for snacking at the beach.

    7. Chicharrones (Pork Skins) – Sounds unhealthy, but they have no carbs, high protein and mostly unsaturated fat. The Cajun ones are my favorite.

    6. Wheat Thins – Definitely agree with you on this one.

    5. Lay’s Salt & Vinegar Chips – You can’t eat just one!

    4. Sun Chips – Well Shawn, we got two this week!

    3. Cheez-its – Especially White Chedder. I can eat an entire box at one time.

    2. Pop-corn – Just about any flavor, but it’s got to be fresh and hot!

    1. Chips and Salsa – My absolute favorite snack, other than breakfast cereal (another list entirely). The best combination I have found so far is Organic Blue Corn Chips (Garden of Eatin’) and Pace Pineapple Mango Chipotle Salsa…pure goodness!

    By the way, did you know that Cheez Whiz is only 2% cheese? Does that mean it’s 98% Whiz?

    1. Kit, Kit, Kit. I’ll give you Bugles, and anything with blue corn chips is good (have you tried those organic cocoa corn chips – amazing).

      The 98% whiz had me laughing out loud and very worried, both at the same time.

  2. nobody puts cheese goldfish in their list of top snacks?! this was my first time to read this blog, but i may be done forever…

    1. James, initially I was going to reply to you that I would have included gold fish except my target audience is no longer 3 – 8 year olds BUT THEN I REMEMBERED that you are a first time visitor and also that you live in Tanzania and may be the only person in that country reading my blog, so I decided not to write that.

      Instead I will just write that gold fish rule and I will include them in my next top 10, somehow, no matter what the list is about.

    2. Almost put goldfish in my Top 10 (with four kids, I have definitely eaten a ton of them!), but I always prefer Cheez-Its if I have the choice. Having said that, I just discovered the pretzel flavor recently and they are pretty good….

  3. Did I miss the microwave popcorn somewhere?? I could probably come up with a top 10 list of just different kinds of microwave popcorn. Other than popcorn my big snack weakness is Cooler Ranch Doritos. I purposefully do not buy them because I will eat the entire bag in two sittings, tsk tsk tsk.

      1. I was doing a business event at work the other week and all but begged to be allowed to run the popcorn machine we had rented…such temptation! I had fun with it though!

  4. I am ashamed of you. How in the world could you forget our Aunt’s famous reciepe for soft pretzels. What are they called again…Auntie Anne’s? They are only the worlds most famous soft pretzel.

      1. I hope you don’t have too many of our relatives who read this everyday, or you will never hear the end of this one.

  5. So many foods, so little time…

    Multi grain tortilla chips (I am not sure it is as healthy as it sounds.)
    Reduced fat Cheez-Its
    chocolate covered raisins (It’s a fruit, you know)
    Taco Doritos
    Garlic Parmesan Triscuits
    Bagels (Not me so much, but my children are always snacking on them.)
    Puppy Chow (No! Not the dog food)
    Cheese curds
    White cheddar popcorn

    If I never see another Goldfish again, I will be happy. Even the festive colors do not change my opinion on the matter.

    1. That’s really funny carm because I said the same thing to Maile. They’re like a million little cymbals smashing together.

  6. *shakes head in disgust* Where, might I ask, are the Cheez-Its? Did you seriously just make a list of top 10 snack foods and leave them off? What’s wrong with you? I know you don’t value Bryan Allain’s opinion, but even if you take that out of the mix… *sigh* (And yes, I did just ignore your disclaimer that “it’s snack food” in order to get this little rant in. I’m feeling feisty today.) ; )

    1. shoot. if this post isn’t deleted by monday, somebody do something. anything.

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