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This week starts my foray into the world of guest posting – I’ll be handing over the link to to my post at Bryan Allain’s blog in a second.  Bryan’s a friend I met since moving back to Pennsylvania, and we like to meet for breakfast where I eat unhealthy food and he orders things like spinach and feta omeletes. He’s got a great thing going on at his blog, and I’m privileged to have my post about living in Amish country appear there today.

So since I’m already posting over on Bryan’s site, I thought I’d throw a few random thoughts your way:

1) The most visited page on my blog is the first post in the story of our move from a nice house in Virginia to my parent’s also-nice basement (but not ideal for 6 people)  in Pennsylvania.

2) The most contentious post was my list of ten of the all-time best types of candy.

3) Some time in the near future I will have, as a follow up to my review of Tyler Stanton’s book Everyday Absurdities, a list of 10 questions answered by the one and only Tyler Stanton.

4) on Friday this week I’ll be guest posting at my friend Andi’s blog, and she’ll be guest posting here  about Ray Bradbury, Transformers, and settling for less than the moon

5) I’m thinking about sharing a series of stories about people on their journey of identity.  If you or someone you know has an interesting story about a decision you made regarding what to do for a living, or  how you make time for the things you are passionate about, or how you traveled a fascinating life journey to get to wherever it is you’ve gotten, let me know.  Maybe I’ll blog about it.

Now get on over to Bryan’s blog and check out my post.  Make yourself at home.  He’s funny.  And if you like Lost, you’ll probably love his Tuesday Lost series.

But, as he likes to remind you, I don’t watch tv, so I wouldn’t know for sure.

6 Replies to “Tell Me Your Story”

  1. I saw your guest post at Bryan’s blog.

    The 6 of us lived in a friend’s basement for about three months while we were between homes. It was an adjustment for us.

    There is a question I have had that I figured you, as the author of Think No Evil, could answer. :)

    I have read the books Amish Grace, The Happening, and Forgiveness. If you have read those, how would you say your book is different?

    Thanks for any reply.

    1. hi kim, thanks for visiting. i would say that our book is different because it is 1) story based – the book cycles between various perspectives from people who were involved that day (first responders, counselors, witnesses, etc) 2) jonas and i emphasize forgiveness and talk about why forgiveness is such an essential discipline for everyone, not just the Amish 3) jonas shares some practical ways we can apply forgiveness in our own lives

      does that help? thanks for asking.

  2. The most contentious post! I think it is now snack foods. See my post from yesterday.

    1. yeah, i’m still upset about the cheese goldfish thing from the snack foods post. and i couldn’t find anything in this post about cheese goldfish either…

      1. i may have to delete the snack food post. looks like it might single-handedly take this blog down.

        and the goldfish thing is coming. oh it’s coming alright.

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