Fireside Writer’s Conference

So I’ve been thinking through an idea and am ready to share the beginnings of it with you guys.

I want to have a writer’s conference this fall in Gap, PA.

So far I’ve lined up some great speakers:

Andi Cumbo (professor, tutor, writer extraordinaire) to talk about the beauty and pain of honesty on the page;

Bryan Allain (successful blogger and talented writer and the funniest man IN THE WORLD…or at least in Pennsylvania…c’mon, at least give him Lancaster County?  the east side of Intercourse? – for all you dirty-minded folk out there, that’s the name of a town) ANYWAY, Bryan’s working on an e-book about getting your blog from 50 followers to 500 followers, and he’ll be sharing all/most of his secrets with us;

Ken Mueller from Inkling Media (he’s a social media ninja) will be talking about how to use social media to explore your identity and increase your platform.

I’m also working on lining up some more published authors to create a panel for you to grill (with questions, not over hot coals).  And an agent.  There might be a real, live literary agent in the flesh for us all to question, urgently, about why our unpublished book is not yet on the bestseller lists.

I’m really excited about this event and hope to make it an annual thing. Check out some more details HERE, and let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions for activities, speakers, or topics you’d like to hear about.  Eventually I hope to have a website up that’s dedicated to the event, but for now we’ll work off the page I just linked.