10 Questions With Tyler Stanton

Last week I reviewed Tyler Stanton’s book “Everyday Absurdities.”  Today he has been kind enough to rejoin us (in written form) and answer ten questions.  Some of the questions are interesting.  Some of them are not.  Don’t judge me.

In any case, I give you the self-proclaimed “world’s most trivial man”.


So Tyler, for those out there who don’t know you (I know there are only a few), why don’t you start off by telling us what you do and how you ended up doing that?

This one is hard. I always struggle with what to tell people what I do. I write. I act. I make comedy sketches with Tripp Crosby. I emcee Catalyst West. I don’t really know what to call that. Someone suggested “entertainer”, but I really have a hard time calling myself that. I usually just lie and say that I’m a kicker in the CFL. It’s easier that way.

I was on staff with Young Life for the past seven years and did all of this other stuff part time, but in January, I left that job and started pursuing this full time.

Why did you decide to write a book?

I wanted to have something to hand to people, instead of just telling them to go to a website. No one goes to a website. Well, I do. But not most people. Not only that, but I was trying to make some extra cash so I could justify having DVR and 28” rims on my Accord. I refuse to live a life without 28” rims.

What’s your favorite knock-knock joke?

The one that wasn’t told.

Okay, moving right along . . . I talk a lot on my blog about the importance of finding your identity – when did you discover your identity, what it is it, and what concrete steps have you taken to pursue that?

I feel like my purpose is to make people laugh. I’ve always wanted that, but didn’t realize until a year or so ago that it could be a full time thing. Doesn’t matter the medium. Could be videos. Could be writing. So, I took a step in that direction. I left my job and went for it. So far, so good (Note: I am knocking on wood with crossed fingers while clutching a rabbit’s foot and taping a broken mirror back together as I type this).

Who’s your favorite comedian and why?

Jim Gaffigan. Jeff Foxworthy. Larry David. Demetri Martin. I love their material because it is so situational. They find the humor in everyday things. They don’t have to resort to gimmicks or shortcuts. I love that. That’s the type of comedian I try to be.

For the aspiring bloggers and writers out there, can you tell us some keys to building a platform and getting your name out there?

Consistency. Luck. Guest posting. Relevance. And most important, great content.

It’s the year 2012 and human existence as we know it is about to end – which one of your blog posts do you put into a time capsule?

Depends. Is the time capsule large enough for a flash drive? You’d be amazed by how much you can store on one of those these days. Seriously. It’s like 8GB or something. That being said, I’d probably export my entire blog collection, as well as all of our family photos. Right now we have them backed up on two hard drives, but I feel like a third would really help my wife sleep better at night.

When I typed “Tyler Stanton” into the Amazon search, “Everyday Absurdities” was the first book on the list.  Directly underneath that was Best Foot Forward, a 1943 movie soundtrack by Lucille Ball.  Is there some connection here?

Besides the fact that my book is dedicated to her and that I have two other blogs devoted solely to that soundtrack, I can’t think of a single connection. Talk about random.

Is there anything you’d rather be doing than exactly what you’re doing these days?

No. Well, maybe. If I could be doing the same thing I’m doing these days and not have to worry where my next paycheck is coming from, that’s what I’d prefer.

I’ve been told by Bryan Allain that I need to add a picture of myself to my blog in order to personalize it – how did you decide to go with the current picture you have of yourself on your blog (the one with the stylish sun glasses)?  What recommendations do you have for me?

Funny you ask that. I actually went to your blog to see what you look like. You know, to see if you were normal-looking enough for me to follow through with this interview. I ended up having to go to your Twitter page to see your mug. Don’t really know what I was expecting, but that definitely wasn’t it.

Even though I typically abide by a strict Never-Trust-Bryan-Allain policy, I’m going to have to agree with him on this. People need to see your face. The reason I chose that picture of me was because it serves as a reminder to me and my readers not to take me too seriously.

Thanks Tyler.  Always good to get confirmation that other people have the same Bryan-Allain policies that I have in place. And the 28″ rims are sweet.  Suh-weet.

Thanks Tyler.  It was fun hanging out.  We’ll have to do it again sometime. 

As an aside, to those who continue to take offense to Tuesday’s Top 10 List of Snack Foods . . . seriously.  It’s snack food.  And gold fish DO rule.  As do Auntie Anne’s Soft Pretzels.  Now move on with your lives.

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  1. Great interview Shawn…but quit pandering to the masses! You made your Top 10, stand by your choices (even if your list was rubbish).

    On a totally unrelated note, I would like to revise my Top 10 Snack list to drop Pringles, and put Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers at #2. (Hey, I need the readers!)

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