Pre-Mother’s Day Mother’s Day

I feel it’s time to give another shout out to all you mom’s out there, and specifically to the one that keeps this house operating.

From dawn ’til dusk you are washing clothes and dishes and faces.  You make food, and by the time you have it cleaned up it’s time to make more.  You deal with a lot of crap.

A LOT of crap.  Literally.  By the handfuls.

You have to be able to soothe and discipline, sometimes in the same sentence.

Perhaps worst of all, for those of you who decided to breastfeed, you have to deal with babies that eventually get teeth.  I cringe and have to stop typing so that I can put my hands over my nipples, just thinking about this.

You probably have a lot of other things you wouldn’t mind doing now and again.  My wife is a wonderful writer and just can’t find the time.  My sister is an awesome photographer but with four kids and a husband running his own business, how do you follow your passions that don’t crawl or toddle or walk?

Well, from a guy who just a few nights ago struggled to get all four kids to bed without mom at home to help, I say “thank you!” In under two hours I – changed Sam‘s diaper, gave him a bottle and put him to bed -gave Abra her medicine, brushed her teeth, put on her pjs (actually her older brothers pjs, rolled up, because her pjs were in the room where Sam was sleeping) and rocked her to sleep -read Indian in the Cupboard to the older two -gave Lucy her medicine and covered her in Vicks and set her bed up in the living room so she wouldn’t wake up the baby with her cough -put Cade to bed then fed him an hour later when he wandered out of his room, hungry, after everyone else was asleep

All of this in a few hours.  And you do this almost non-stop every day.

Thank you for washing our dirty underwear!

Thank you for cleaning out the crud behind the plastic lining of the high chair (okay, I usually do that but you sometimes do that)!

Thank you for smelling the butts of your diapered children nearly every day just to see if they pooped themselves!

And thank you for almost never saving a diaper for more than an hour, where poop has blown out the back, for us to change when we get home from work!

I know there are rewards.  I know these little children are pretty much the best thing we have going in our lives.  I’ve heard all the true sayings about how being a mom is the most important job in the world.  I agree with that.  But I also know that, from time to time, you can have a rough day, or wonder if you’re doing a good job, or wonder if it wouldn’t be best just to duck tape them to a chair.

But you are doing a great job, and you are appreciated.  (And I’d lay off the duck tape, at least for now).

Happy Pre-Mother’s Day Mother’s Day!

* * * * *

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12 Replies to “Pre-Mother’s Day Mother’s Day”

  1. One of my favorite posts thus far!!!

    I hope Maile shared A LITTLE BIT about our preview show at Dawn’s…..and that’s what it was, the trailer to the feature length film!!!!

    Thanks for making it possible for her to get away for a weekend!! A crazy, wild weekend at the beach!

    *wild=lounging in pj’s all day long and eating chips!

  2. Thank you, my love. And I’m putting the duct tape away immediately; you’ve inspired me:)

    1. that’s cool. just make sure i know where it is by the time you leave for your loooooong weekend away in May.

  3. I guess there are a few guys in the world that are as blessed as I am with a “rock star” wife/mom-of-four!

    Maile, thanks to you and all the other supermoms out there that keep us husbands and kids pointed (I know sometimes the line between those two is blurry) in the right direction!

  4. As a child I had one of those “Rock Star” moms and now that I have been married for 13 years I realize more every day that I am also married to a “Rock Star” mom. Anita does more in one day than I do in three. I should probably work on changing that ratio, we all could (husbands and sons).

  5. I’m married to one of those rockstar moms. Our first child Kylie is almost 8 months now and even with only one I know she has her hands full as Kylie demands a lot of attention. Genny is amazing and I don’t tell her enough. She will know on Mother’s Day for sure.

  6. Awesome blog Shawn!! I agree that Maile is amazing and I think the two of you together do a fantastic job. Very proud of you both.. Love and God Bless!! the Mother in law

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