Everyday Absurdities

As I finished reading through Tyler Stanton‘s book, Everyday Absurdities, a few random thoughts came to mind.

1) Why did he stop at 97 pages? He had me laughing out loud and should have kept going.

2) Why are there 6 blank pages in the back? These would have provided an ideal canvas for more funnyisms.

3) Every bathroom in the world, or at least in Lancaster County, PA, should have a little pouch made especially to hold a copy of Everyday Absurdities. In fact, every one of these pouches should come supplied with a copy of the book.  (Don’t worry Bryan, I didn’t read your copy in the bathroom . . . oops . . . don’t worry, Tyler, I’ve ordered a copy of your book but it didn’t get here in time for me to read and review for today).

Alrighty then.

Before I get myself into any more trouble, here’s an excerpt from the book.


An Open Letter To Hotels

Thank you for housing me every now and then.  I enjoy your HBO and free newspapers. Oh, and your free breakfast. There are, however, a few things that you could do to enhance the experience for all of us who reluctantly pay for your overpriced lodging.

1. Please don’t act mad at me when I’m checking in. . .

2. Please start washing the comforters. We all know that earlier in the day, a naked, sweaty, fat man sat on the comforter while he blow-dried his hair.  I know you can neither confirm nor deny this, but the least you could do is have the housekeeper bring a new comforter to my door, shrink-wrapped like an airline blanket (the cleanest object on planet Earth).

3. Please choose a shampoo that doesn’t smell like a condiment. . . I can’t afford to go to that meeting with my skin smelling like I just bathed in tartar sauce.


There’s sections on eating, shopping, men, entertainment, observations and travel, just to name a few.  Then there’s my personal favorite, A Million Peeves, some of which are Splitting Bills, Hug/Handshake Mixups, Using Another Guy’s Towel, and Post Oil Change Conversation.

We really don’t laugh enough these days, especially while reading.  Everyday Absurdities by Tyler Stanton = guaranteed laughter.

Buy it HERE . . . (it’s the one at the bottom left-hand corner that’s kind of hard to see, what with the white on white.  I guess my bookstore needs a paint job)


If you want to find out more about Tyler Stanton, visit his blog tylerstanton.com .  He’s got some hilarious videos as well.  Check it out.

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  1. I am putting this on my Bookmooch list (and would buy it if I hadn’t sworn off book buying for six months). Awesome.

    1. sworn off book buying for 6 months!?!? i know i read this on your blog but it did not register until now…isn’t that kind of like swearing off water or…not eating meat??? (sorry, i couldn’t resist one dig, my vegetarian friend, but maile is threatening to follow you into that abyss, and as she is in charge of our household food supply you may have the last laugh yet)

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