Tuesday’s Top Ten: Breakfast Cereals

Now, as promised, Tuesday’s Top Ten:

(drumroll please)

Top Ten Breakfast Cereals

10) Chocolate Chip Wheatabix – unless you’ve lived overseas you’ve probably never heard of this flaky, honey-flavored cereal with real chocolate chips in it.  I don’t know that I ever even took the time to pour them in a bowl and add milk – it was pretty much straight from the box into my laughing-gear.  Go to Trader Joe’s and buy a box.  You’re life will never be the same.

9) Fruity Pebbles – my wife’s favorite cereal.  My 9th favorite cereal.  We all know who is right.

8)  Cookie Crisp – smaller-than-bitesized cookies floating around in milk?  Are you kidding me?

7) Corn Chex – one of two non-sugar cereals that cracked my top ten.  If you’re looking for corn-flavored crunch, it can’t be beat (and the criss-cross pattern really does lock out milk moisture)

6) Cinnamon Toast Crunch – cinnamon.  cinnamon.  cinnamon.

5) Cheerios – for those of you who know me, you’ll be very surprised that a non-sugar cereal made it into the top five.  I actually considered the case for Cheerios being number one, as I’ve probably consumed more individual Cheerios than any other food on the planet . . . COMBINED.  My mother used to tell me that I was going to turn into a Cheerio.  I didn’t.  Sorry mom.  But I still love Cheerios.

4) Cocoa Puffs – should be illegal as a breakfast cereal, because it’s so good, and so chocolatey.  It’s kind of like eating a Hershey’s Bar for breakfast.  But eating chocolatey goodness for breakfast is not illegal, so it’s number four on my list.  WARNING: high sugar and caffiene content – do not serve to small children anytime after 5:00pm.

3) Apple Jacks – talk about deceptive.  There is nothing Apple about this.  More appropriate names would have been Sugar Jacks or Radioactively Orange Jacks or So-Good-You’ll-Eat-The-Box-In-One-Sitting Jacks

2) Fruit Loops – once again, notice the deception in my top three:  first apples, now a reference to fruit.  Really it’s just pure sugar.

1) Lucky Charms – you just can’t beat a cereal with marshmallows.  You especially can’t beat a cereal when the marshmallow to cereal ratio is 2:1.

Honorable Mentions – Frosted Flakes (awesome while they’re crunchy, which lasts about 10 seconds); Captain Krunch Berries; Trix (before they changed the recipe); Frosted Mini-Wheats

So what favorite cereals did I forget?

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  1. Okay, so I’ll FB you and blog about you. . . . and really, granola didn’t make the list. And Cookie Crisp should have been way higher up. But I will give you Lucky Charms as a #1, but only if you eat all the bread-ish parts first and savor the marshmallows.

    1. Thanks Andi. (Maile and I had an extensive argument last night about granola – it’s definitely in her top ten). I would never have had you pegged as a marshmallow hoarder. My 2 year old is the opposite of that, not that I ever give her an entire bowl of Lucky Charms, but she comes begging when I’m eating them and sticks her fingers in my bowl, trying to fish out the marshmallows she wants.

  2. SHAWN!!! OH’s, Now I’ve never been a fan of cereal til I married Kevin, who has 3 siblings. I suppose in a house of kids cereals is a frequent occurance.. Anyway, OH’s is the BEST KEPT SECRET.. like, top 5 seriously :) you should definitely try them if you haven’t.

  3. Lucky Charms are #1…they are truly magically delicious and totally addicting as well! In fact, I enjoyed me a bowl o’ lucky charms this morn!

    Also, mult-grain cheerios topped with honey is awesome. Although, I think the sugar in the honey voids all healthiness of the multi-grains.

    Oh…and try some honey on your Chex. It willl make them much better and again, chase the away the pesky healthy title! :)

  4. Love your list, for the most part. I would have dropped #10, put Special K (blueberry) at #7, and then bumped everything down one spot to make room for Peanut Butter Crunch at the top.

    BooBerry and FrankenBerry should get honorable mention.

    I’ve already updated my blogroll for your new site!

    1. Thanks for checking in Kit – took a quick look through your blog and really like it. Once I figure out how to get a blogroll on this thing I will definitely have a link to yours. Incidentally, the writing I’m doing on here on M/W/F is actually leading up to my whole entanglement with the idea of identity, so I’m hoping to pick up the book you recently blogged about.

  5. 10. frosted mini wheats
    9. fruity pebbles
    8. cinnamon toast crunch
    7. fruity pebbles
    6. clusters (love the little nutty chunks!)
    5. frosted flakes
    4. life
    3. barbie cereal (just like lucky charms, sorta)
    2. marshmallow maties (generic lucky charms….)
    1. lucky charms (my favority since i was 8!)

    1. Well done. I especially like how you managed to basically get Lucky Charms as your #1, #2 and #3 and still stay within the rules.

  6. Rice crispy’s with sugar sprinkled on top. I used to dump on the sugar when I was a kid.
    Cheerios and Fruit loops are my top 2.

  7. Will definitely go with you on the Lucky Charms. I do think Booberry and Frankenberry should’ve made the list somewhere though.
    I am also partial to Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds – supposed to be healthy but tastes so sweet I’m not sure. I did recently discover Kashi’s Cinnamon Harvest Cereal – it’s like healthy Frosted Mini Wheats with Cinnamon – yummo!

    1. Hey Erin! I am proud to say that today, after reading the previous comment about Booberry and Frankenberry cereal, I went out and bought a box of each. Kashi’s Cinnamon Harvest is very good . . . top ten? Not sure, but good.

        1. There’s a regional grocery up here called Weis. I’ll ship you a box if you can’t find them down there (seriously, I’ll do it – but after going through all of that just to get a box you may find the experience of eating a bowl slightly underwhelming – but I’ll do it).

  8. Even @ the ripe ol’ age of 32 staying regular is key. So as of today, Kashi Heart to Heart is my # 1. Add some coffee to the mix and it’s on.

  9. Am I weird for thinking Cracklin Oat Bran is completely fantastic?
    I love cereal. When I was pregnant with Erik it was all I wanted to eat. Seriously.

    I am going to post on Facebook now. :) Also I’ll add a link to my sidebar on my blog.

    1. Thanks for tuning in Priscilla and spreading the word. Not sure that I’ve ever had Cracklin Oat Bran . . . I’ll have to check it out. I read your blog – you’ve got a powerful voice. Keep writing. Writing is better than running, I think.

  10. Hey Shawn,
    thanks for changing your blog page back from the black background. I enjoy reading your blogs, but it’d take a good 3minutes for my eyes to adjust back to normal. …old age i guess.

    …Lucky Charms was definitely my fav when I was in the states. there’s nothing even slightly similar here. :(

    My british fav is chocolate clusters, boring bits with chocolate shavings of white, milk and dark choc to make it more exciting. Found Luke the other day under the table eating all the chocolate out!

  11. 1. I agree with a few of your Breakfast Cereals of Choice, but I have to say that the very best cereal, in the whole wide world {the parts that I’ve visited, that is!} has got to be, hands down, Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Not when it is first in the bowl with the milk just poured on. But a few minutes later, when it just begins to get a little bit softly-crunchy. Oh. Yum.

    2. I added this blog to my blog roll :)

  12. Hello? No Cap’n Crunch? No Corn Pops? How about Super Sugar Smacks (or whatever they call them now)?

  13. 10. Raisin Bran (on the list because it’s my current “healthy” ceareal. I promise, it will be all downhill from here…)
    9. Frosted Mini Wheats
    8. Apple Jacks
    7. Cinnamon Life
    6. Lucky Charms
    5. Cookie Crisp
    4. Chocolate Cheerios
    3. Coco Puffs
    2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Puffs
    1. Coco Krispies

    Do I get bonus points for including chocolate in each of my top 5? Covert chocolate milk at breakfast FTW!

    1. Nicely done. Bonus points have been awarded (although I struggle with any cereal list that does not include Lucky Charms in the top 3).

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