And so it begins . . . again . . .

As some of you know, I’ve been blogging this year about my family’s voyage into life without television.  My wife and I decided to give it a shot, going a year without tv.

So far so good (you can read more about this at my old blog site:

But I did get a little tired of being confined to writing about what we’re NOT doing.  There’s a lot I’d rather be writing about than “not watching television”.

So what better time to start some new topics than with the kickoff of my new blog (that’s what you’re reading right now).  I’m thinking that on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I’ll start telling the story of our decision to move back to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the place I grew up.  We’ve lived in Florida, England and Virginia, so moving home was not always a foregone conclusion.  These posts will also include my thoughts on our identity as humans and why it’s so important to discover your identity, as our decision to move to Lancaster also included our monumental decision (at least it felt monumental) regarding whether or not I would try to pursue writing as a full time vocation.

On Tuesdays I think I’ll do a simple list, just to keep it light:  Tuesday’s Top Ten.  I’ll tell you right now, there are some serious top tens I am looking forward to (breakfast cereals, Seinfeld moments, and uses for belly button lint, just to name a few). 

Thursdays will be dedicated to one of my other passions: books.  Reviews, raves and rants on what I’ve read, and what I’m currently reading.

Anyway, I hope you’ll continue to join me on this journey.